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Airports Krasnodar and Gelendzhik invest in their own development of 11 and 4 billion rubles. respectively. Thus, they intend to increase passenger flow, improve the quality of service and improve operating results. According to experts, the growth in passenger traffic directly depends on & nbsp; the development of the hospitality industry and the availability of “base” airlines

The Krasnodar International Airport, together with the administrations of the Krasnodar Territory and the city of Krasnodar, is implementing a project for the construction of a multimodal transport complex. Its key object will be the new terminal of Krasnodar Airport - a modern building that will replace the existing terminal. & Nbsp; The volume of investment in the construction of the terminal and other office and technical facilities is estimated at 11–13 billion rubles. It is assumed that the multimodal transport hub will combine aviation, rail, freight and road transport in one territory. & Nbsp; & nbsp; Today, the possibility of railway communication between Krasnodar Airport and the Krasnodar-1 railway station, as well as nearby settlements, is being explored. Basel Aero reported that additional passenger traffic from suburban rail services, including long-distance trains, will be about 2 million people. & Nbsp;

“The analysis of traffic flows shows the possibility of partial or full removal from the city territory of intercity and inter-municipal bus routes. Moving the railway freight yard to the suburban part of Krasnodar will allow to remove combustible and dangerous goods from the central part of the city, thereby improving the environmental situation, and unload the traffic flow, ”the company said. According to authorities, the combination of this project with the “City train” route will give a new impetus to the development of suburban communications. New opportunities will open up for long-distance passengers traveling on the "Swallows" in the directions of the Black Sea resorts in Sochi, Tuapse, Anapa, Novorossiysk, as well as in the direction of Rostov-on-Don and the resorts of the Caucasus (Pyatigorsk).

Thanks to the project, Krasnodar International Airport may become one of the largest regional airports. The potential annual passenger flow for regional airports with the best geographical and socio-economic conditions is estimated at 10-12 million passengers per year. The Krasnodar airport has the prospect of becoming one of such growth points. At the same time, the transport strategy of the Russian Federation provides support for regional projects that will serve as transit transport hubs. It is expected that by 2030 the total passenger traffic of the transport hub will reach 15 million people per year.

Air communication with Krasnodar is provided by 31 airlines to 55 domestic and international destinations. In January – April 2019, more than 1.2 million passengers were served at the Krasnodar International Airport, which exceeds the figure for the same period in 2018 by 10%. As a result of the reconstruction of the runway since 2017, the airport can serve up to 14 takeoff and landing operations per hour and such types of aircraft as the Boeing 767, Airbus A321, Airbus A330. He received “four stars” according to the results of a comprehensive study of the industry agency “AviaPort” in 2015.

According to the Federal Air Transport Agency (Rosaviatsia), in 2018, cargo client services at the Krasnodar airport amounted to 6,527.35 tons, which is 9.17% more than in 2017, when this figure was 5979.14 tons.

According to Oleg Panteleev, the head of the analytical service of the AviaPort industry agency, passenger traffic is more dependent not on terminals but on other factors. Krasnodar is gradually increasing its passenger flow, the creation of a new terminal may slightly intensify flights - now the airport terminal is cramped. “But the main thing is the development of the so-called“ base ”airline. From this point of view, the example of neighboring Rostov-on-Don is indicative, from which the Azimut airline formed an extensive route network. Azimut also flies to Krasnodar, but there are still few destinations, ”says the expert.

The construction of the new airport complex Gelendzhik Airport will begin in the first quarter of 2020. The area of ​​the new terminal will be about 15 thousand square meters. m. Capacity - 890 passengers per hour or more than 635 thousand passengers per year. “This will allow reaching a fundamentally new level in terms of the quality of service for the main customers of the airport: passengers and airlines,” the representative of the air harbor said. The commissioning of a new airport complex is planned before the end of 2021. The project envisages the construction of a new airport building, as well as auxiliary office buildings, car parks, taxi stands and intercity buses. Currently, a new terminal is being designed. Start of construction work - no later than February 2020. The investor in the construction is Gelendzhik Airport LLC. The volume of private investment in the project will be approximately 3.5–4 billion rubles. “In 2018, an architectural competition was held among the leading architectural bureaus from the UK, the Netherlands, Italy and Russia. At the beginning of December 2018, the project of the new terminal of the Gelendzhik Airport was selected. The winner of the competition was the Italian architectural bureau Fuksas. According to the concept, the new terminal of Gelendzhik Airport, in addition to modern design, will include the main trends in protecting the environment and saving energy, ”the airport’s press service said.

The runway of the airport is 3.1 thousand. 45m The airport is able to receive the following types of aircraft: IL-76, Tu-204, 737/757, 319/320/321, 100/200, as well as lighter ones, and serve up to 13 take-off and landing operations per hour. The passenger flow of Gelendzhik Airport in 2018 amounted to 294.5 thousand. man. Over the past year, the airport served 1.9 thousand for arrival and departure. flights. Air traffic is provided by 11 airlines in 11 directions. In & nbsp; day, the airport plans to receive and send up to 14 flights. According to forecasts, the passenger traffic of the airport by 2025 will be more than 500 thousand. In February 2018, Oleg Deripaska's holding Basel Aero sold the assets of Gelendzhik Airport to Gelendzhik Airport LLC. As a result, VTB and Taimuraz Bolloev acquired shares of Gelendzhik Airport LLC from WestUn LLC, which owned 100% of the company.

On April 24, 2018, VTB Bank completed the acquisition of the Gelendzhik Airport. The owners in equal shares are VTB Bank and Taimuraz Bolloev. The new owners said they see growth prospects for passenger traffic in the region and plan to develop the infrastructure of the airport after its acquisition.

The construction is carried out with a reserve so that after completion of work the airport complex can cope with the growing load and does not require additional expansion. During this time, the investments made should pay off

Gelendzhik Airport has the lowest passenger traffic in the Krasnodar Territory. At the end of 2017, about 304 thousand people took advantage of its services (less than 3% of the total passenger flow of the four Kuban air harbors - last year 10.8 million passengers were transported in the region by air). For comparison: in neighboring Anapa, the figure was 1.39 million people.

In the fall of 2016, at the investment forum in Sochi, Basel Aero, the administrations of the Krasnodar Territory and Gelendzhik signed a tripartite agreement on the construction of a new airport complex worth 520 million rubles, but the project was never implemented.

As part of the transport strategy, the administration of the resort city plans to build new pedestrian zones with bike paths to the Gelendzhik Airport, open a bus station on the territory adjacent to the airport, create transport links with ports, marinas and city piers.

Oleg Panteleev explains that for Gelendzhik from the point of view of aviation security it is critical to fly from two courses (now takeoffs are possible only towards the sea). “In addition, the development of the hospitality industry in Gelendzhik is important. The more quality hotels, the greater the growth potential of passenger traffic. The more events the local venues will host, the more passengers. On the example of Sochi, we see that today both the resort and the airport operate both in winter and in summer. Gelendzhik still has a high seasonality, but in the future it cannot be ruled out that it will become a point of attraction for event tourism, ”says Mr. Panteleev.

There is no data on how much customer service at the Gelendzhik airport amounted to in 2018, and in 2017, according to the Federal Air Transport Agency, this figure was 7.43 tons.

The business seeks to expand its activities, increase operating results, increase profits, and airports are no exception. And reconstruction is one of the ways to expand the business, enter new markets, increase the number of customers, so the reconstruction of airports is logical and justified.

The leading expert at Finam Management, Dmitry Baranov, believes that this is important in the first place because betting on the development of domestic and inbound tourism and the South of Russia is key in solving this problem, in the future more people will come here and many will come here by air. The reconstruction of airports is also important from the point of view of strengthening the region’s relations with other subjects of the country, with other countries. Reconstruction will also help in increasing freight traffic, as more and more cargo must be delivered promptly, and the choice is made in favor of air travel. If cargo capabilities are increased, this will attract additional customers and will have a positive impact on airport revenues. Reconstruction will increase the number of flights to / from them, which will contribute to the growth of passenger traffic. The quality of service for both citizens and personnel of carriers, aircraft will be improved. Airports will be able to accept other types of aircraft, which will increase the route network, other carriers may come here. As a result of the reconstruction of airports, new jobs will be created, revenues to budgets of all levels will increase, the investment attractiveness of the region will increase, so the modernization of the airports of Krasnodar and Gelendzhik is necessary, and it needs to be implemented. It is possible that subsequently it makes sense to update other airports of the region so that they increase their competitiveness and increase their performance.

According to Oleg Panteleev, the airports of Krasnodar and Gelendzhik, despite the reconstruction work carried out, suffer from the same "ailment" - a dramatic shortage of areas of airport complexes. “The terminals possessed by the air harbors were not designed for modern passenger flows, for the simultaneous servicing of several aircraft of high capacity (about 180–220 people). As a result, during periods of peak loads, there is a noticeable decrease in the quality of passenger service: queues arise, cramped spaces, engineering systems work at the peak of opportunities. A place that could be reserved for organizing trade and services for passengers is occupied by waiting passengers, meeting and seeing off, ”the expert says.

He notes that the reconstruction, coupled with the construction of new terminals, solves several problems. Firstly, bringing throughput (in passengers per hour) to a value that exceeds current values. The construction is carried out with some reserve so that after completion of work, the airport complex will cope with the growing load for some time and not require additional expansion, during which time the investments made should pay off. According to Mr. Panteleev, the increase in throughput is also associated with the expansion of the area, so that it is possible to make more spacious rooms, place more lines of entrance and pre-flight inspection, check-in counters, boarding gates, and with the introduction of modern and promising technologies that accelerate passenger service.

In addition, stringent requirements are imposed on modern airport complexes, including transport and aviation security, accessible environment, etc. In some cases, it is impossible to fulfill these requirements in buildings of an old construction, or it is extremely expensive. And finally, the areas do not just increase, their ratio changes (waiting rooms become relatively smaller, drives become larger), which allows you to place retail outlets, catering establishments, service companies and so on in the terminals.

Modern building technologies and engineering systems provide reduced maintenance costs for buildings: the use of new materials and energy-saving technologies really saves money on heating and air conditioning, lighting. The level of comfort will also increase.

Igor Konstantinov, CEO of the online travel service Biletix, cites data for 2018 based on the company's sales. According to him, the share of airline ticket sales to Krasnodar amounted to 4% of all tickets to domestic destinations, to Gelendzhik - 0.6%. According to the head of the company, Gelendzhik is a relative “outsider” compared to other airports in the region. In the ranking of the most popular domestic destinations in 2018, Sochi is in the first place, Krasnodar is in the sixth, Anapa is in the 11th and Gelendzhik is in the 31st. “In many ways, this can be explained by prices - the average check for a round-trip ticket in 2018 from Russian cities in Sochi amounted to 8826 rubles, in Krasnodar - 6177 rubles, in Rostov-on-Don - 3501 rubles, in Anapa & nbsp; - 11599 rubles ., in Gelendzhik - 13528rub. The high cost of air tickets to Anapa and Gelendzhik can be explained by the seasonality of destinations: basically, the tourist flow is sent here only in summer, when the cost of air tickets is higher, "Mr. Konstantinov explains. Renovating airports aims to increase the capacity of passenger traffic: twice in Krasnodar, in Gelendzhik & nbsp; - up to 1 million people per year. The main thing: where to get this number of tourists and how does the region intend to attract them? According to Mr. Konstantinov, one of the most successful Russian examples is Sochi. “The flow growth was achieved due to colossal investments in the tourist infrastructure of the region and its transformation into a year-round resort. And if Krasnodar, an active and large business center, enjoys year-round demand, then for Gelendzhik this question is quite acute, ”the expert argues. In his opinion, the intention of the government and Russian airlines to develop interregional flights and increase interregional passenger flow can contribute to these plans.

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