Window to the old Gelendzhik 1967

Window to the old Gelendzhik 1967

Right in the center is the Soyuzpechat kiosk, where newspapers, magazines, cigarettes, souvenirs, postcards and more were sold. As you can see, there is a turn for newspapers then the whole country read them, from small to large.

On the right is the kiosk that is poorly visible due to the crown of trees. Sound recording of the city's consumer services complex, in which the soundtrack was cut from the MAG-59 tape recorder to a flexible film disk. The repertoire has changed over the years from the Beatles to Vladimir Vysotsky. This business was started by Petr Lavrinenko, whose bright red Toyota always stood next to the kiosk near the building where the tax office is now.

To the left of the Soyuzpechat kiosk you can see a striped umbrella from the sun of the Ice-cream tray. The power line pillar on the left is the corner of the famous Camomile dance floor opposite the Mayak restaurant, which has been central in the city since 1948, with two halls, a buffet and an orchestra. A girl in a striped dress with a handbag in her hand and sunglasses is local Greek Yekaterina Arsenyevna Chokakchidi. An elderly woman in lilac supposedly Olga Kostomarova from the dairy. In general, a scene from the life of Gelendzhik, a resort town of the 60s.

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