Submarine hunters the return of A 40 amphibious aircraft to Russia

Submarine hunters the return of A 40 amphibious aircraft to Russia

The Unified Aeronautical Consortium (OAK) wants to give a second chance to the most ambitious of the Soviet amphibious aircraft projects, the legendary Albatros, by relaunching its production.

The A-40, the world's largest flying boat, was used to search for and destroy submarines. And even though this seaplane started to be worked out in the early 1970s, no other aeronautical power has managed to create something similar until today.

The idea of ​​giving a second life to the Albatrosses is far from new and makes perfect sense. At least because the Russian aeronautical industry has no other device of this class to offer the Russian Navy, even on paper. However, they are in great demand: among the anti-submarine amphibians, naval aviation has only a few old Be-12 Tchaka that it was planned to withdraw from service to replace them with more modern devices even in the years 1970. They are fairly distributed among the five fleets, from Kamchatka to Crime.

In fact, it was to replace the Tchaka that engineers from the Beriev aeronautical research office in Taganrog planned the A-40. For seaplane flight, almost everything was revolutionary, from propulsion combined with two navigation and take-off engines to the overall system of structure and distribution of the compartments. The main engines were placed by the engineers in the area most protected from splashes: the rear, above the wings.

The dimensions and capabilities of the aircraft are impressive: its length and wingspan of more than 40 meters, its practical ceiling of 13 km, its range up to 4,000 km and its ability to patrol uninterruptedly until 12 noon. Thanks to Russian aerodynamics, the mechanical development of the wing and the two D-30 engines, the 90-ton aircraft was extremely manoeuvrable and light at takeoff so light that ironically, that aside from its position as the test pilot Yevgeny Lakhmostov, who underestimated the acceleration of the A-40.

А-40 Альбатрос (Бе-42, изделие В, покодификации НАТО: Mermaid) советский многоцелевой самолёт-амфибия. Планировался длязамены Бе-12. Создан таганрогскими авиастроителями воглаве сглавным конструктором А. К. Константиновым (ТАНТК имени Г. М. Бериева). 8 декабря 1986 года совершил свой первый полёт ссуши. С воды Альбатрос впервые поднялся ввоздух 4 ноября 1987 года. Самолет установил 138 мировых рекордов. #russia #russian #russianaviation #airplane #hydroplane #worldaviation #plane #beriev # be200 # россия # русский # гидроплан # бе200 # бериев # мас # оа # # в а 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40

In December 1986, during a flight test, the Albatross suddenly took off from the runway 170 km / h. The crew said, but that was not enough: the aircraft rose to gain altitude. Aware that the length of the runway was no longer sufficient to descend and brake, Captain Lakhmostov decided to take off without authorization, made two laps and skillfully placed the aircraft on the runway. Despite a favorable outcome, after a series of investigations, the experienced pilot was banned from flying and sent to retire.

Initially, the Albatross was designed for the search, pursuit and destruction of submarines. It can lift up to 6.5 tonnes of payload and embark practically all the arsenal of armaments used on its anti-submarine analogues Il-38 and Tu-142 of Orlan self-guided torpedoes capable of destroying both submarines as ships, anti-submarine missiles, depth bombs, mines, research acoustic muds and special equipment for electronic warfare. For comparison, the Tchaka lifts only 1.5 tonnes.

AeroPlane. А-40. (Бе-42, Альбатрос). Бе-200. (Альтаир). #aerodrome #gidroplane # a40 # be200 #beriev #albatros #altair #aeroplane # аэродром # гидросамолёт # гидроплан # альтаир # альбатрос # а40 # бе42 # бе200 # бе200

In addition, the A-40 (civilian version of the A-42) is suitable for search and rescue work away from the coast. The aircraft's nautical capabilities allow it to take off and land in the event of waves up to 2 meters. From the development stage, the engineers provided the possibility of installing a refueling system in flight, considerably widening the range of the aircraft. And although formally, the Albatross is not a long-range aircraft, it does have everything for long-haul flights: toilets, a cloakroom and even a compartment for the crew's rest.

It must be recognized that in the early 1970s, the topic of amphibious aircraft became quite painful in the USSR. The fleet, which had had time to appreciate the advantages of flying ships, required new aircraft, while the Minister of the Aeronautical Industry suggested deferring anti-submarine missions on conventional aircraft and helicopters. The Beriev office succeeded in imposing the A-40 project only thanks to an immense enthusiasm and unusual approaches to design, which made it possible to build a maritime aircraft that had nothing to envy to conventional aircraft in terms of their main characteristics.

AP Photo / Northrop Grumman via U.S. Navy, Erik HildebrandtThe United States loses its strategic spy drone In 1991, the prototype of the Albatross was presented abroad for the first time. When taking off over Le Bourget, it immediately caught the public eye. The amphibian was the only one of the planes exhibited to be visited by French President Franois Mitterrand.

After Le Bourget, it was a huge success awaiting the Albatross Singapore, New Zealand and the United Kingdom, a record in flight distance and altitude followed suddenly by a sudden refusal by the Minister of Defense to finance the project. The Beriev office then offered several civilian versions of the aircraft. At different times, we wanted to create on its base an aircraft to put out fort fires, a rescue aircraft and even a medium-haul airliner for 120 passengers.

Sputnik. Anton DenisovL Russian amphibious aircraft Be-200 en route to the American marketThis is how the versatile Be-200 appeared, a reduced version of the A-40 specially designed for the Minister of Emergency Situations. This device had also interested a few years before the Minister of Defense. According to a 2012 contract, the Beriev office was to transmit 6 Be-200s to the weapon, but it was broken due to too long delays. Deputy Defense Minister Alexe Krivoruchko said he was soon expected to sign a new agreement for the supply of three planes.

Despite excellent technical flight characteristics, the Be-200 still stands out strongly compared to the A-40 in terms of payload, speed and range. It is more suited to the role of a multi-purpose support aircraft rather than a submarine hunter.

Given the length of Russia's maritime borders, it is likely that the growing fleet may soon need a functional amphibious long-range aircraft capable of carrying out both submarine hunting missions, patrol, reconnaissance, troop transport and cargo. The Albatross, which is several decades ahead of its time, would be perfect for these missions.

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Technically, the industry is capable of anything. The question is only how much it will cost the country and whether the Minister of Defense is prepared to make such expenditures. This concerns both the initial purchase and the maintenance. The fact is that our aeronautical industry produces planes in small quantities, which is extremely expensive. Efficient production requires customers, including foreigners. Unfortunately there are none yet. But the Albatross is a very good plane with unique characteristics, says aeronautical expert Vladimir Karnozov.

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