Overview of Rom Busan

Overview of Rom Busan

Slumdog millionaire has a special taste for Romi as a teenage boy fights the streets and waterways of Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon). Writer / director Tran Thanh Huy will make a lively and promising film after his debut with short short lyrics, including the Golden Kite winner at 16.30 (2012), which will inspire Rome. The invitations to the festival should follow the world premiere in Busan.

Rom (captivating Tran Anh Khoa) survives on his mind. He scrapes live lottery bets on neighbors and sells news of national lottery results. Everyone lives on the outskirts of the city for the possibility that their numbers may occur. Everyone is looking for a system or someone who can provide lucky numbers.

Rom offers numbers and is philosophical about the precarious nature of his profession: if I win, I will be congratulated, but if I lose, it is normal for me to be beaten. And like his protagonist, the film never stands in self-pity. Tran Thanh Huy tells the story of Roma with tremendous energy and power; Rom often runs away from angry beaters or rivals competitors. Sharp assembly and insane action scenes create a breathtakingly captivating story that rumbles along narrow alleys, flows through dense streets, leads to rooftops, spills over vertical balconies, and jumps through open windows with the same panaches as Jason Bourne’s chase. / p>

Rom is waiting for his long absent parents to return. The walls of the mother-floor dwelling are filled with chalk drawings to keep the mother's imagination in mind. Like Slumdog, Dickens' sweeping to life, measured by the characters Rom meets, the situations in which he survives, and the way he is constantly in love with fate. His optimism and trusting nature persist despite the growing realization that no one in his world is trusted.

His rival and fair friend Phuc (Nguyen Phan Anh Tu) betrays him in an instant. The film's harsh and drumsticks find expression in their frequent, sometimes violent fights and grueling ravines, in which Nguyen Phan Anh Tu demonstrates the grace and austerity of young Jackie Chan as he jumps through, balances, drums and makes his career through the city. Rom is also friendly with the lottery saleswoman, Mrs. Ghi (Do Nhu Cat Phuong), who considers her a surrogate son, but even she lets self-preservation push for less self-denying instincts.

Tran Thanh Huy gives Romi a social context. It is a world of dog-eaten, inexperienced suburbs, rivers overcrowded with pollution, and people who bet on winning the lottery for an impossible dream. Gambling seems to be a universal addiction in a society living in poverty, where individuals are powerless with shore money lenders and corrupt landlords.

Tran Thanh Huy keeps Roma thin and focused, but offering a sudden ending, a little disappointing. This is not a good fairy tale. He depicts a society in which people who have grown out of debt take desperate action and landlords clean up awkward slums with all the necessary means. Surviving another day may be the only reward Rom can earn.

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