Johnson's sister criticized her brother's rhetoric

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Johnson's sister criticized her brother's rhetoric

During a conversation with reporters, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson's sister Rachel sharply criticized the statements made by her brother that he was not going to apologize for.

Rachel Johnson, sister of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, while speaking with the press, sharply criticized her brother’s rhetoric. This became known from Sky News.

Note that the day before, taking part in a fierce debate in the country's parliament, Boris Johnson allowed himself to voice a few harsh statements.

"My brother uses the words" surrender "and" surrender, "as if people who stand in the way of the blessed will of the people, namely, 17.4 million votes in 2016, should be hanged, drowned, quartered ... I believe that this reprehensible ... It will not lead to anything, ”concluded the younger sister of the British Prime Minister.

She criticized the statements of her brother regarding the British MP Joe Cox, who died as a result of the actions of the ultra-right radical.

“I believe that it was especially tasteless for those who mourn her mother, MP and friend, to say that the best way to honor her memory is to implement what Brexit opposed, and her family,” says Rachel Johnson.

Note, earlier it became known that the Prime Minister’s brother, Joe Johnson, announced his own resignation from the post of minister, as well as about leaving the parliament. It was clarified that he argued his decision by the fact that a conflict had begun between his political views and family relationships. He is sure that it is impossible to resolve the contradiction that arose otherwise.

The media reported that Boris Johnson resolutely rejected the requests of his parliamentary colleagues and members of the Cox family to apologize for his earlier words.

Version // Society // 6411 new patients with coronavirus detected in Russia, more than 3 million cases of infection registered in the world

6411 new patients with coronavirus detected in Russia, more than 3 million cases of infection registered in the world
The main thing about coronavirus on April 28

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Russia rose in the ranking of the incidence of coronavirus, overtaking not only China, but also Iran in this indicator. Over the last day in the Russian Federation 6411 new cases of infection were detected, in total, the number of confirmed cases of infection exceeded 93.5 thousand.

The country continues to have restrictions introduced at the end of March. They should last until April 30, but most likely, these measures will be extended at least for the period of the May holidays, since Russia has not yet reached a plateau in the incidence of coronavirus. The head of Rospotrebnadzor Anna Popova said that Russia has already passed two incubation periods, but in order to consolidate the result, one more is needed. At the same time, she admitted that the restrictions could be partially lifted already on March 12. According to her, they will be canceled in stages, depending on the development of the situation.

Brief statistics on coronavirus in Russia on April 28:
Figures in brackets are for April 27)

Over the entire epidemic, over 3.1 million coronavirus tests have been conducted in the country. More than 180 thousand people are now under the supervision of doctors, as they suspect a possible infection.

As Russian scientists managed to find out, coronavirus affects not only the lungs. The infection affects the kidneys, intestines, and liver. In addition, the virus can take root in the human nervous tissue, which leads to a loss of smell - this is one of the characteristic symptoms of coronavirus infection.

Since the self-isolation regime, with a high degree of probability, will continue for some time, Rospotrebnadzor has launched a hotline for Russians, where everyone can be consulted on proper nutrition. Specialists will help to create an optimal diet, adhering to which, citizens will be able to avoid gaining excess weight.

Restrictions introduced to combat the spread of coronavirus will also affect Victory Day celebrations. The celebrations associated with this date were canceled, but they offer to hold the Immortal Regiment campaign online. You can upload a photo of a relative who participated in the Great Patriotic War through the website “Immortal Regiment of Russia” or through the portal of the project “Memory Bank”.

Scientists from Singapore, using data from statistics on the incidence of coronavirus, calculated the end date of the epidemic in Russia. According to them, this will happen on June 20.

According to the American Johns Hopkins University, the number of cases of coronavirus infection in the world has reached 3 043 122. The United States (988.5 thousand), Spain (229.4 thousand), Italy (199.4 thousand), France (165, 9 thousand), Germany (158.7 thousand).

Johns Hopkins University estimates the number of deaths from coronavirus at 211,221. The largest number of victims of infection are in the USA (56.2 thousand), Italy (26.9 thousand), Spain (23.5 thousand), France (23.2 thousand), Great Britain (21.1 thousand).

US President Donald Trump noted the improvement in the spread of infection in the country. He said the number of new infections in major cities, such as New York, New Orleans, Detroit, Boston and Houston, is declining. Some states do not exclude the removal of restrictions on the operation of shops and catering establishments.

The UN predicts an unprecedented level of unemployment and poverty in the world after the crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic. According to experts of the organization, in the second quarter of this year, 195 million people may lose their jobs. The UN emphasized that after the epidemic recedes, one should not count on a return to the "old normality".

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