Ilya Reznik sues a network of kindergartens

Ilya Reznik sues a network of kindergartens

The songwriter Ilya Reznik spoke about his intention to sue the network of kindergartens "Little Country". According to Reznik, the owners of the institution illegally use the trademark.

Ilya Reznik, who wrote the song "Little Country", filed a lawsuit against the eponymous network of kindergartens. The author demands compensation from the owners of the institution in the amount of 70 million rubles for the illegal use of the trademark.

As Reznik’s lawyer Yuri Romanov said, the rights to the trademark “Little Country” are owned by the autonomous non-profit organization “Ilya Reznik Musical Theater”.

“According to our legislation, the author of a literary work has exclusive rights, that is, no one can use it without his permission. The organization did not give anyone permission to use this designation - "Small Country", the human rights activist said in an interview with 360.

Interestingly, the kindergarten network, founded in 2013, is actually called the “Children's Country”, as indicated on the organization’s website. According to the owners of the preschool institution Alina and Oleg Budievsky, the parents suggested calling the kindergarten “Little Country”, and this name is not official, which means that the trademark was not used. Reznik's lawyer disagrees with this position.

“We have 60 kindergartens. In each of them, Reznik sent a pretrial claim. In the complaint, he wrote that since you, the kindergarten, use the name "Little Country", you owe me three million rubles. No one paid him anything. Reznik began to sue these kindergartens - and lost all of them, ”says Budievsky.

As it turned out, the phrase "small country" was used in the logo of the kindergarten network. The image shows several houses, which were nicknamed a small country. Later, when the owners found out that a trademark was registered behind these names, they stopped using it on the logo.

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