Gelendzhik lost to Anapa and Sochi: resort summed up prices

Gelendzhik lost to Anapa and Sochi: resort summed up prices

According to the Association of Russian Tour Operators (ATOR), Gelendzhik's share in the sales structure of all Krasnodar resorts does not exceed 5-10%. In popularity, Gelendzhik is inferior to Sochi and Anapa.

Tourism industry experts note that in the current season the demand for Gelendzhik remained at the same level. Among the reasons - both the high cost of travel, and the increase in prices for accommodation.

Air travel to Gelendzhik is more expensive for tourists than to Anapa, experts say. There is no direct railway connection, and air transport has no competitor, which leads to high prices for airline tickets. In addition, Gelendzhik Airport has a narrower geography of arrivals, so many tourists fly to Anapa Airport.

Specialists note that Gelendzhik is popular among tourists of the Southern Federal District. They get to the resort by private car. However, local roads have limited bandwidth and in congestion you can spend more than one hour.

Unwillingness to spend summer vacations in traffic jams and pay exorbitant prices for air travel and accommodation, leads to a noticeable decrease in demand for holidays in Gelendzhik.

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