Busan's Mike Figgis says Boris Johnson wants to be Donald Trump, but is completely stupid

Busan's Mike Figgis says Boris Johnson wants to be Donald Trump, but is completely stupid

Mike Figgis at the Busan Film Festival Courtesy of the Busan International Film Festival 1:40 PDT 10/4/2019 by Mathew Scott. The Oscar-nominated director also claims that Brexit adds "global confusion."

Oscar-nominated British director Mike Figgis believes Brexit and Boris Johnson have left UK life, feeling like a "surreal, hyper-realistic film".

We have a prime minister who wants to be Donald Trump, but is completely stupid and everyone is in a strange state of not knowing what will happen next, said the departing Las Vegas director on Friday.

Figgis spoke at the Busan International Film Festival and answered a question from the local media about how he lived in the UK today.

Figgis said he thought the population was at a loss if he knew what to expect on 31 October after the Brexit deadline and if the country was preparing to leave the European Union. "It was always clear to me that the technical challenge of leaving Europe was so difficult and it never happened in an easy way," said the 71-year-old.

It is also an opportunity to bring about great social change, "he argued." Nothing is ever the same again. The impact on Europe is also huge and adds to the global turmoil that is everywhere. Usually we can be predictive in political situations, but this is complete nonsense. "

This year's New Currents Festival in Busan, with a jury starring in Figgi, features 14 films from 10 countries. The director will be joined by Malaysian actress Lee Sinje, Karel Och, artistic director of the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, Suh Yongjoo, CEO of the Korean production house Finecuts, and Kazakh actress Samal Yeslyamova.

"There's something about cinema that is like music that touches your heart after that," Figgis said on Friday about what he's looking for in New Currents movies. "Usually because a filmmaker has a good sense of cinema. Not everyone can be a good filmmaker. Not everyone can be a good musician. You can be good, but if you're looking for an exceptional filmmaker, it's usually because they have something you can't define. It's is what we're looking for here. "

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