Bird's eye view ‘Putin Palace’

Bird's eye view ‘Putin Palace’

The Anti-Corruption Fund, established by Aleksey Navalni, known as the greatest opposition of the administration in Russia, published a bird's-eye view of the mansion allegedly built by President Vladimir Putin in the resort town of Gelendzhik on the Black Sea coast. It is claimed in the press that the mansion known as “Putin's Palace olduğ cost $ 1 billion (2 billion 581 million TL).

Sergei Kolesnikov, a businessman known for his close proximity to Putin, who had to flee to Europe when it was discovered that he had leaked information to the press against Putin's government, argued that the mansion had long belonged to the Russian president. Kolesnikov, health care facilities for infrastructure projects, clipped money from the wealthy businessmen with funds from the "Putin's Palace" was suggested to be built.

Putin’s press spokesman denies the allegations, said they have no ties with the manor. Boris Nemtsov, one of the leading opposition leaders of Russia who was recently assassinated near the Kremlin, claimed that Putin had 20 palaces, 43 private jets, 15 helicopters and 4 luxury yachts in his book. He had argued.

The mansion was built on a huge land; The Russian resort of Gelendzhik is located on the Black Sea coast. The Italian-style mansion has marble-clad bathrooms, a gym, a spa center, a secret tea house, a helipad that can accommodate up to three helicopters and elevators that provide direct access to the beach.

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