At the visit of Patriarch Kirill to Gelendzhik people sealed safes with weapons - media

At the visit of Patriarch Kirill to Gelendzhik people sealed safes with weapons - media

On the eve of September 21, Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Kirill (Gundyaev) performed a service in the city of Gelendzhik in the Krasnodar Territory. The head of the Moscow Patriarchate was served by six bishops of the Kuban Metropolitanate. Moreover, according to the portal “Police Ombudsman”, on the eve of the visit of Patriarch Kirill, law enforcement officers sealed the safes in which the residents of Gelendzhik legally owning weapons store it.

“In Gelendzhik, the police and the Russian Guard guard are sealing safes with weapons in the apartments of those who have them legally ... in connection with the visit of Patriarch Kirill,” the police ombudsman reported, posting a photo of one of the safes.

Unfortunately, due to the quality of the image, the inscription on the print is impossible to make out. If the information is true, it is likely that the local security forces decided to be vigilant or did receive information about possible terrorist attacks, since during the previous visits of Patriarch Kirill, including to the Krasnodar Territory, such security measures were not taken.

The official comments of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Krasnodar Territory and the Moscow Patriarchate regarding the security measures taken, which can hardly be called legal with respect to the owners of weapons, have not yet been made public.

On the official website of the patriarchy it is reported that a service with the participation of the patriarch was held in the Ascension Church of Gelendzhik. Patriarch Kirill during his prayer for peace in Ukraine. At the end of the service, the bishop of Novorossiysk Feognost (Dmitriev) presented His Holiness a list of the Don Icon of the Virgin.

The famous Russian designer and blogger Artemy Lebedev turned to the head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov, commenting on his recent appeal to his subordinates with a call to severely punish authors of offensive comments on the Internet. He published the text of the appeal on his page on Facebook.

As part of the national project "Housing and Urban Environment" in Tuapse, the park on the sea promenade was updated and improved. Thanks to the funds, it was possible to break the flower beds, make footpaths

Some details of closed sociological studies commissioned by the presidential administration in Russian regions became known. In particular, the subjects of the country with the highest level of trust in President Vladimir Putin and the rating of governors are named.

On the official website of the Russian Ministry of Education, condolences on the death at the 76th year of life of a member of the Russian Academy of Education, founder and director of an experimental boarding school in the village of Tekos near Gelendzhik Mikhail Schetinin are published. The absurdity of the situation

The creator of the Anti-Corruption Fund Alexei Navalny has launched an investigation against Moscow prosecutor Denis Popov, who previously headed the agency in Dagestan

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